What is the Value Instrument?

The Value Instrument outlines four design principles for value accounting and establishes a system in which each setting is customizable according to the requirements of its user base. The principles themselves are technology-agnostic; however we believe their application will be most effective if paired with distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, using digital tokens. Depending on the design of each implementation, an established token may also be used as a form of money, likely complementary to other currencies in use. Join our Alpha App with the Impact Journey Network.

The Value Instrument Principles


Users may receive a regular token payout


Tokens may decay, if not used within a set lifetime


Full lifetime is restored for transacted tokens


A transaction fee may apply

In Action

We provide a meta-tool, for designing and deploying your own complementary cryptocurrency, which can even include a basic income for each of your community members. The mechanism we designed is one supported implementation. It’s down to your community to choose the settings.




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