How to set up Opera and its inbuilt crypto wallet on iPhones

1. Install Opera Touch

Our web app relies on browsers. On iOS, we recommend the Opera Touch browser, because it includes a crypto wallet and is one of the easiest ways to experience the Value Instrument app.

b) Open and continue

c) Set up the “Light” theme and “Standard” navigation, then start browsing

You are now ready to enable your crypto wallet.

2. Enable the crypto wallet

Value Instrument makes use of distributed ledgers, commonly known as “blockchains”. This new technology requires you to use a crypto wallet, which is included in Opera Touch on iOS. But it has to be enabled first.

a) Open the browser settings

b) Navigate to “Crypto Wallet” and activate

c) Open the wallet in order to configure it

3. Configure the wallet

Different blockchains exist. You need to connect the wallet you just enabled to the blockchain used by your community.

a) Allow notifications

b) Open the browser settings again

c) Navigate to “Network” and open

Blockchains are called networks here.

d) Change the network to “Rinkeby”

Then use “Back” and “X” to return to Opera’s home screen.

That’s it, you’ve setup your personal crypto wallet.

Next: Join your community using this wallet.

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