Events and Hackathons in 2020

Team VI is wishing you all the very best in this new decade! Wishing us all that we may find the best paths forward during what may be one of the most critical decades in human history. Value Instrument is researching, developing and shaping a vision towards a collaborative sustainable future.


VI is partaking in Codivathon (until 1 June 2020).

Calling on developers and projects to not just build their specific user interface, but to collaborate on building out modules and components that can be put into a joint user interface context. We aim to unite the many visionary ideas in distributed tech on the user interface side.

Upcoming Events

During 2020 VI will increase its public activities and appear at events and hackathons around Europe, as we have gained much insights during 2019 and are ready to make the next step. We will kick this off with a series of own Hackathons. Follow us on meetup:

Meetup Event Schedule